Woman Whose Hair – Sara Sophia 43 based in Sedona

Sara Sophia, 43, based in Sedona Arizona, shares with her 16K Instagram fans beautiful and brilliant photos of her enjoying life with gray hair and challenging all age-appropriate stereotypes. Finally, after 15 years of dying of her hair, Sara Sophia realized that there was no real reason to cover her gray hairs and changed her “perspective positively. When Sara Sophia witnessed her gray-haired mother’s struggle, she immediately began dyeing her silver roots. Sara Sophia Eisenman brought a powerful new perspective to the conflict between gray hair and beauty. The gap between social norms and Sara Sophia’s perspective on gray hair widens as she “tells” her “personal” story of graying. Conventional beauty standards require women in Western society to cover their gray hair with hair dye or a wig to maintain a youthful facade. Dominant cultural norms tell women that gray hair conveys ugliness, ill health and irrelevance. Sara Sophia explains on her website that her hair at age 21 was almost completely transformed into money overnight. Although the dyeing of her hair brought a series of unique fights to Sara Sophia. As a normal part of the aging process, the appearance of gray hair in most people is not unpredictable. Nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin, copper, iron and protein can cause gray hair. It is not clear how women will perceive gray hair in the future. However, in some cases, gray hair may be a sign of an underlying disease or health condition. Stress, smoking, drug abuse, and specific medications can also accelerate gray hair loss.

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