Healing Education – In this course we will explore the


In this course we will explore the crystal lattices in depth and learn how to use them for the event! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometry of the lattices, the energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s crystal lattice and how it works in remote healing. Unlike any other crystal healing course you’ve taken, here you’ll learn how and why crystals work, exploring the scientific and metaphysical aspects and laying a solid foundation for working with our crystal buds. My certified crystal healing course teaches self-confidence and has been the driving force behind the change for almost a decade! Again we have just completed a completely new design and update to our student portal, making the course super easy to navigate and what’s best for our students, giving them a first-class learning environment. Our final class will introduce you to our unique and highly effective method of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, with step-by-step instructions before, during and after a crystal session. Hibiscus Moonpath teaches you real and tangible content that not only helps you to become a safer healer, but also the tools and conversations that help you tell others how and why crystals can be used as a channel for people to heal themselves and for working with successful chakra and energy. You know, creating what many consider to be the “gold standard” requires ongoing research, planning, contemplation, effort, passion, dedication and energy, all dedicated to the success of our Crystal Cohort graduates. I would like to live closer to you so that I can have your crystal-clear healing class! As a beginner, I really don’t know what stones are or what they do. If you want to handle these crystalline issues from both the scientific and metaphysical perspectives that I teach you in my Certified Crystal Healing course, please add my list of interests here. I am interested in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing course. With the help of my esteemed HM team, I am very proud of how it has matured and become an extremely successful and well-known source of crystalline healing. The diary encourages “him” to explore “his” “soul cave” to the fullest when working with “his” crystals, to have a safe place where “he” can leave “his” intentions and desires behind, to recognize more self-confidence and of course to follow “his” progress and reflect on “his” progress. It is the ideal place to learn all about the art and science of crystalline healing. In this overburdened course we specifically discuss how we can cleanse and purify your space with crystals and how we can protect your energy field. With the help of crystals, we learn to cleanse and strengthen our chakras to achieve our spiritual, physical and emotional goals. The Academy is taught by me, Hibiskus Moon, the author of Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work.

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