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In this course we will explore the crystal lattices in depth and learn how to use them for the event! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometry of the lattices, the energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s crystal lattice and how it works in remote healing. Unlike any other crystal healing course you’ve taken, here you’ll learn how and why crystals work, exploring the scientific and metaphysical aspects and laying a solid foundation for working with our crystal buds. The crystals live in a metaphysical field of vibrational energy, I have some crystals that have been healed and have developed crystalline knots, each crystal or rock has its own personality. In our last course you will be introduced to our unique and highly effective method of curing Hibiscus lunar crystals with step-by-step instructions before, during and after a crystal session. With the help of crystals, we learn to cleanse and strengthen our chakras to achieve our spiritual, physical and emotional goals. In this overburdened course, we specifically discuss how we can cleanse and purify your space with crystals and how we can protect your energy field. Crystals use energy and have been the favorite remedy of many shamans for thousands of years. The diary encourages you to explore your “soul cave” to the bottom by working with your crystals, to have a safe place where you can set aside your intentions and desires, to recognize the increase in your self-confidence, and of course to follow and reflect on your progress. Crystals “speak” to me and reach me like other invisible ways of life. Sometimes we just need to think more broadly about what it is because we can’t explain all the Dets, it’s not real or it’s not real. It is the ideal place to learn all about the art and science of crystal healing. If you want to approach these topics in BOTH crystal from a scientific but metaphysical point of view, where I teach you in my Certified Crystal Healer course, put yourself on my list of interests here. As traditional healers have been known for thousands of years – and as modern medicine is beginning to recognize – our symptoms, health problems and emotional problems begin with imbalances in our energy field.

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