A slight difference was found between radio frequency

A depending ontrols in the prevalence of subjective symptoms, but time integrated exposure parameters seem important for the prevalence of some subjective symptoms: fatigue, headache and heat of the hands. Parameters of exposure to electromagnetic fields appear important for the prevalence of certain subjective symptoms: fatigue, headaches and heat sensations in the hands. Exposure to electromagnetic fields and the health of users of plastic radio-frequency seals. The purpose of this study was to conduct an appropriate assessment of the impact of welding in Russia and to examine the health status of users. HF operators, in particular installers, had a slightly impaired two-point discriminating power compared to the control group. The induced current on the ankles and pulses changed with an average value of 101 mA and a maximum value of 1 A, depending on the working situation. The time-based load was calculated based on information about welding time and productivity. Measurements showed that radio frequency operators were exposed to relatively strong electrical and magnetic fields. By providing information in this document, we do not diagnose, treat, cure, facilitate or prevent any disease or health condition. A total of 11 out of 46 measured RF plastic seals exceeded ICNIRP control levels.

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