Biological Dentistry – Since 2002 Sara has been teaching

Since 2002, Sara has been teaching health and nutrition issues, supporting families that effectively integrate the principles of traditional nutrition into modern families. Finding a dentist with a treatment philosophy consistent with her own philosophy is a big challenge today! The fact is that there are many grey areas when it comes to defining an organic dentist rather than a dentist with a natural or holistic approach. He told me that he regularly consults by phone with people who need a different opinion or dental education about their specific oral health situation. Therefore, any dentist who calls himself “holistic” comes to the conclusion that dental procedures can affect the health of other parts of the body. You may have noticed that few real organic dentists think holistically in all areas! That’s why this service can be useful to you or someone you love now or in the future. There is literally only one thing that all dentists have in common: “natural”, “holistic”, “biological”, “mercury-free”, “restorers” or any other memorable term. Their job is to support families who effectively integrate the principles of traditional nutrition into modern homes. Sarah Pope has been as been a health and nutrition teacher since 2002. When we eat plastic, we often think of sea turtles that confuse plastic bags with jellyfish, or large sharks with stomachs full of sea turtles. Your goal should be to find a doctor who is active in the field where you need treatment. This is ideal for sitting in a dental chair and agreeing to treatment.

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