Citrine Healing Properties – We have geothermal

We have geothermal, gastronomic and gastronomic geoscience that heats a crystal to produce amethyst or smoked quartz, both silicon and quartz, as citrus fruits, but with a small absorption of the iron produced there, if amethyst or smoked quartz heats up naturally in the soil, it can become citrus fruits. I have a different point of view, and we will talk about it in the second part, but yes, something has changed with the energy that is with us, not only with the crystals, with the planet, with us and with the crystals, especially with this crystal, with lemon. The information I am giving you today about citrus fruits is based mainly on ordinary crystal phosphorus, which you can trust for hundreds of years, many of which date back to antiquity, and I have also done research and, of course, experimentation and found that it is in my interests, the interests of my clients and the thousands of students and graduates of my Certified Crystal Healing Course Today we will talk to you about the healing properties, similarities and meanings of citrus fruits so that you can learn to work effectively and efficiently with this popular and powerful crystal. Citrus fruits are what is right behind amethyst, as the most popular crystal quartz or collectible gemstone. Citrine is also known as the ultimate stone of manifestation, as a commodity stone, because no other stone can surpass its energy to produce such humorous prosperity. It is a kind of quartz, but here it is usually amethyst and rarely lemon, or may be a combination of both. I have many pieces of citrus in my bracelet, smoked quartz, amethyst, calcite honey, pink quartz, labradorite, bandagate, melacite, transparent quartz, to name just a few. Are these values reliable? I gave you citrus fruits, crystalline values, conformity, properties, but are they reliable? This is the new term of responsibility that I recently gave you. There are many different kinds of quartz, including amethyst, pink quartz, lemon quartz, smoked quartz. You can be the one who says, “Citrus doesn’t give me that kind of energy, it’s different for me. Great class! I use citrus fruits in the crystal gauze you gave me! Great.

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