I am so glad that you Mark are taking care of the health

I am so glad that you, Mark, are taking care of the health of our fellow dogs! You have very good arguments, but I have a problem: dogs are not the only animals with whom we are together and who understand our non-verbal communication. Raw food is a formula supported by the National Blind Dog Association after experimenting with BARF in the hope of developing healthier dogs without skin problems, aggressiveness, bone problems, lethargy and general health problems. I also love dogs, I’m not one of those cats against dogs, humans, but these are my first wild cats and I really believe that cats and humans used to hunt together. Dogs are certainly very talented and even have the idea of the index finger, but all the animals I’ve been with have understood me much better than I’ve been to understand them. Our dogs have been on a basic homemade diet for 6 years with a high quality probiotic, krill oil for the joints and some other supplements. Recently, many people have discovered that dogs on a low-grain diet are more likely to develop problems with deer. My opinion is that, like humans, dogs can’t get out of a bad diet. As you describe dogs, I would describe my wild cats. Just read his article on dogs and their diet and exercise. I still wonder if we accept inferior diets to deal with the problems of climate change and overpopulation, but I hide this fact in formulations that taste the same because we don’t want to face the difficult changes we really have to make. I was looking for fresh food for dogs, but for 3 large dogs, the cost was prohibitive, to return to a normal snack. One interesting thing about dogs, within Human Design, my specialty, there is an area that deals with both dog cards and their human owners. The other interesting thing about walking your dogs is that they are ancestral, so it is also the key to their ancestral health. My house is a kind of n=14 experience and I guess our dogs are moving to the active side. In the dog park, people are surprised to see how he is alive, while their overweight dogs take painkillers for chronic inflammation and skin problems with the choice of fights.

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