Boosting Your Confidence – Unlike any other crystal healing

Unlike any other crystal healing course you’ve taken, here you’ll learn how and why crystals work, exploring the scientific and metaphysical aspects and laying a solid foundation for working with our crystal buds. In this course we will go deeper into the crystalline structures and learn how to use them for the event! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometry of the grids, the energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s crystal lattice and how it works in remote healing. You might think academics would be too closed to this kind of thing, but if this were the last resort, many would come to me and ask me what kind of crystal work they could do to solve their problem. Being part of a group of like-minded people, who also love the crystal, can be so stimulating and encouraging, because they have all experienced what you’ve been through and you can share resources and information, participate and work on things. I never consciously worked on crystal healing, but I found myself giving one of my crystals to a person and wondering if I would use it as a bringer of happiness. Furthermore, I have seen that the number one thing your reptilian brain ignores is, of course, the fact that it forms the solid scientific community for my students in my classroom. But if they are inadmissible, or if you think they aren’t, then the way you explain yourself in such situations isn’t exactly our idea of entertaining yourself I think it’s great that you’ve written and shared that, thank you! That sounds great, as does science and the fact that we are still learning new things every day – which simply means staying open to new realities, which helps us to have more conversations and balance ourselves with skepticism. If people know it’s safe to talk to you about crystals, you’ll be amazed at the number of people coming out of the Woowoo- closet. The ability to explain something scientifically is very important, so people like to bring a little science into their metaphysics. I also sold a few and found out that this is my way of being in the crystal world and came into contact with beautiful people who share my ideas. When it comes to explaining the healing of crystals to other people, especially when they are skeptical, I think we are just giving them some science, and that usually causes them to get up and listen.

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