Quartz Healing Properties – In this course we will explore

In this course we will explore crystal networks in detail and learn how to use them at the event! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometry of the networks, the energy fields, the relationship with the crystalline network of Mother Earth and how it works in remote healing mode. Clear Quartz is your versatile and versatile FANTABULOUS crystal, which is extremely versatile for all kinds of crystal energy work. When I teach the Certified Crystal Healing course, the lightweight natural quartz dot is ideal for directing energy and restoring chakra balance. Some very sensitive people can even feel the physical shock of potential electrical stress in their hands, holding or feeling the pure quartz crystal. Unlike any other crystal treatment course you have ever taken, here you’ll learn how and why crystals work, exploring scientific and metaphysical aspects and creating a solid foundation for working with our crystal buttons. All these scientific qualities, in addition to my personal experience and research, as well as the results of my students, make me believe that quartz is the most powerful crystal for working with it. Don’t be deceived! I am here to tell you why light quartz is such a valuable crystal that it should be in your crystal collection. Again, if you want to learn more about the different types of crystal formations and how to work effectively with them, look at my additional crystal training here. This means that you can make any other crystal even more effective by increasing its energy. In our last year of study you will learn about our unique and highly effective method of treating Moon Hibiscus crystals, with step-by-step instructions before, during and after the treatment session. In this overloaded course we will specifically discuss how we can cleanse and purify your space with crystals and how we can protect your energy field. Perhaps because transparent quartz glass is so abundant and grows in a variety of environments, it had the freedom and ability to form in a variety of configurations. For example, if you need to meditate on something or you need clarity on a particular subject, transparent quartz glass is a great stone to have on hand.

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