Blueberry Acai Chia – Mix your favorite milk GoodBelly

Mix your favorite milk, GoodBellyjuice and chia seeds in a bowl with a whisk. Refunds are processed without vouchers, store discounts and other discounts, only for the amount actually spent on GoodBelly. Why do you eat these strange seeds, ask yourself? Well, they are rich in nutrients and are a good combination with probiotics because of their high fibre content. LP299v is naturally present in the digestive system and can contribute to good digestion when consumed daily as part of a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. As we have said here, the fibre is good for keeping your stomach happy because it stimulates the good bacteria that settle in your intestine. Chia seeds contain 40% fibre weight. It should have a thick, creamy consistency, so that you can add more Chia seeds at any time and make them work. GoodBelly is a foodstuff and not a treatment or cure for a medical condition or illness. Stir until there is no large part of the chia seeds left. GoodBelly drinks contain Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v. Don’t take our word for it! It is a super simple recipe that will make your morning easy. This açaí chia blueberry pudding is the reason why you must die. If you have any questions about your digestive system, please consult your doctor. Pour into a bowl and cover with a portion of jam, a handful of muesli and some blueberries. Please allow 8-10 weeks for the treatment of your complaint.

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