Stop Harboring Resentments – Thanks to the energetic

Thanks to the energetic medicine, you know that keeping negative emotions, burying them deep in your subconscious and body, can lead to the fact that in your life everything will go wrong. When you are aware of your feelings, you can begin to forgive and release the positive and fluid energy needed for healing. You can use your ability to focus on positive, light, love and beauty in your life to grow positive energy within yourself when the negative is released. The diary frees your negative feelings from your body and energy field and allows you to fill this space with new universal energy. There is no better way to overcome the trauma of the past than a lively event surrounded by the powerful positive energy of the participants. You can contact a consultant, therapist or energy recovery specialist to help you channel your energy flow into a positive direction. It is important that you face anger, resentment, and pain and take steps to address the negative connections from the cassette on your head. Forgiveness is the release of remaining emotions such as resentment, anger, pain and bitterness. Take a walk through nature, meet friends, play with your pets, and speak positively, reflecting your expectations and dreams.

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