– Deborah King – The way it works is that if you remove

The way it works is that if you remove external “things” that no longer work for you, they no longer “fit” with who you are or what you want to be, while at the same time removing internal “things” that let you hang in the same old place. Of course, your real home isn’t really a “place”. “It is a space, a field of consciousness, an energy field that radiates truth, knowledge and happiness at the highest level. Of course there are other levelss, that you can cross, but start by letting go of what you physically no longer need or want, and it will help you get closer to the light and the feeling of home. There is one place we all want to go, and that is “home”. “A place where you feel welcome, safe in the love and affection of the people around you. You can feel the story of every object, but what does it do for you? Does it bring you up or down? Feel it, weigh its significance in your life. Purity is such a powerful spiritual instrument because it goes far beyond the physical plane. Isn’t it time to let go of many things? It crushes every pettiness and recognizes every deep emotion that can be ready to go. There are really no lifelessthings’. “They all reflect a moment in time and space, a combination of who you were then and who gave it to you. All this is an excellent starting point for moving from one “place” to another, from an old and frozen zone of consciousness to a more awakened zone. A place that does not depend on the wealth of material goods, but on the wealth of the soul. It happens that there are many archives with old things that can be archived or even thrown away, as well as the rest of the emotions that you don’t have to hold on to anymore. No matter how much that jacket costs, you’ve only worn it once in the last five years. Every piece of junk you lose creates room for more light in your life. All these external “tricks” carry vibrations, memories and emotions. Clean the bathroom drawers that collected such a strange selection of old-fashioned lotions and drinks.

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