Your Birth Control – Atheev Mehrotra MD Associate

Atheev Mehrotra, MD Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston; Susan Wysocki, consultant physician at WHNP-BC, American Sexual Health Association, and president of iWomansHealth; seven. That’s why “his” team decided to measure the quality of online contraceptive services using a mystery shopper’s method: in March 2018, seven “patients” from nine companies were working in the United States looking for “pill” prescriptions. She suggested that women interested in online contraception should first make full use of its potential, for example, through a trusted website such as Planned Parenthood. At the time of the visit, two companies made video calls, and about a third of the visits were accompanied in some way, either by a telephone call or a text message from the health worker who provided the service. Susan Wysocki is a health care professional who is a medical consultant for the American Sexual Health Association. In general, however, women may feel comfortable getting contraceptives through these services, said Wysocki. And the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended in a new statement that all hormonal contraceptives, including rings, injections and bandages, should be available without a prescription to meet this need. “One of the things these companies can do to improve is to learn about long-term reversible contraceptives,” Wysotsky said.

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