Health Scare – My enthusiasm is growing as I work on the

My enthusiasm is growing as I work on the creation and maintenance of my website and blog, actively participate in social media and work with my employer to improve the health and well-being of our employees. From the very beginning of my journey with Primal Health Coach I have always sought to be a resource for my clients, family, friends and colleagues, for positive changes in health throughout my life. But now that I’m “getting old backwards”, I’m pleased with something completely different: my years as a primary health care coach. Monday, boys! And that means another real story from Mark’s daily newspaper Daily Apple. It’s a beautiful story, I’m also almost retired, and I want to lead a corporate life, and reading your stories and the stories of others is inspiring. I made my first trip to overcome my own health problems and better understand what I have to do to improve my overall health and longevity. I also wanted to finally get rid of the blood pressure problem that had been bothering me for years. Intuitively, I thought it would be better to follow a moderate training plan, but at the time I had no information or training to help me. I also adapted my training to stay within the maximum aerobic pulse function for most of my races, and reduced my training to provide more rest and recovery.

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