Limits Damage – “Head injuries can occur at any time be it

“Head injuries can occur at any time, be it a car accident or a fall down a staircase,” says Ian Roberts, director of Studienko and professor of clinical research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After decades of research and numerous unsuccessful experiments, this is the first clinical study to show that the drug can reduce mortality after head trauma. “Belly is a professor of traumatological neurosurgery at the University of Birmingham, UK. According to the authors of the study, head injuries are one of the most common causes of death and disability in the world, with nearly 69 million new cases a year. “We already know that the rapid introduction of tranexamic acid can save the lives of patients with lethal bleeding to the chest or stomach, as is often the case with victims of traffic accidents, gunshot or knife wounds,” says Roberts in an academic statement. Researchers believe that treating TCA within three hours of a craniocerebral injury reduces the risk of death. Although TXA can prevent an exacerbation of cerebral haemorrhage, it cannot repair the damage already done, so treatment should begin as soon as possible. “This extremely exciting new discovery shows that early treatment with TXA also reduces head injury mortality,” “he” added. “We believe that if our results are widely used, they will increase the chances of survival for people with head injuries in high- and low-income countries around the world,” Roberts added. In addition, according to the study, there is no evidence of negative side-effects or increased disability in TCA victims. “Not only do we believe it can save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, but it will also undoubtedly be a source of enthusiasm for research into this devastating disease,” Belly said. SOURCE: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, press release, October, co-author of the study Anthony Bally said: “This is an innovative study. 12,000 patients from 175 hospitals in 29 countries received an intravenous injection of TCA or an inactive placebo.

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