GMO Impossible Burger – But this thirst for an impossible

But this thirst for an impossible burger is compensated by the latest results of maternal research from all over America: the impossible burger has been tested 11 times more than its competitor Beyond Burger not to mention its close ties to the Bill Gates Foundation and Monsanto. It is impossible for Burger to rely on scientists from the Gates Foundation, Monsanto and other biotech giants before the FDA decided on the supposed safety of key GM ingredients before they were sold to the market. Today, the hamburger is also affected by the surprisingly high content of one of the most controversial cancer-related substances in our diet: glyphosate, the main component of Monsanto, and the best-selling herbicide Bayer – Roundup. The “Impossible Burger” is perhaps the most famous company in this department, but the ingredient that gives it its characteristic texture and appearance is a hema, also known as soya hemoglobin or SLH. While millions of people are looking for alternatives to meat to reduce consumption, the vegetarian burger industry has taken advantage of the opportunity to become one of the fastest-growing new companies in the food industry. The company decided to ignore the FDA and continue to sell the impossible burger to the public. According to the company, Beyond Burger does not contain GMO and is tested for glyphosate residues much less frequently. “But Impossible Foods released this genetically modified protein without any real data, although the FDA was very concerned about its safety.

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