Medical School – 14 The more the group is connected the

14 The more the group is connected, the stronger it can be as a healing force. Group bonds can be created through joint singing and dancing, joint initiation rituals of initiation, joint survival after trauma, joint healing of trauma, joint creation of trauma, joint experience of strong emotions such as love or ecstasy, pain or anger, joint feeling of confidence in their emotional and expressive credibility in a common space and joint response to spiritual practices. Join the Healing Soul Stam a community of people seeking healing from illness, injury or trauma, and we support each other in our collaboration at Cairn Integral Health Mind over Medicine. If you let the life force flow through you so that you can help others heal, you will get healing for yourself. You cannot impose this kind of healing on anyone, but if you need healing, or if you are in the art of healing, and if you are ready to go into this rabbit hole, consider it an invitation to a deeper, richer, more meaningful, and healthier life. When you are exhausted, offering healing, you leave your own life force behind instead of discovering the unlimited flow of life force that is available to all of us, and that can make you sick. Healing, transformation, awakening in dreams and spiritual awakening are complex phenomena that cannot be considered separately, although medicine, psychology, spirituality and science want you to believe in them. But if you direct the source of all life’s power, you get healing through healing. If we live authentic from the juice of our inner pilot lights, our relationships, our work, our spirituality, our creativity, our sexualityy, and our mental and physical behavior turn everything potentially toxic into a healing experience. Because some aspects of scalpel healing seem circumcised, we need to balance the complex areas of deep work required for healing with the care, safety, comfort and unconditional acceptance that we all demand. Healing should not be a luxury, only for those who can afford to hire energetic healers, trauma surgeons or shamans without insurance. What many call “energy healing” may in fact be the transmission of healing “information” that flows through the wave of energy. I think I should apply the same rigor in this book as in other books, but this topic is difficult to understand given the nature of consciousness and its connection to healing. Music, art, dance, safe contact, emotional vulnerability, intention to heal attitude, prayer and meditation connect all groups with strong healing powers. The power of communication seems to be more important than the size of the group, but if the two groups are also connected, then a large group seems to lead to more healing.

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