Sick Boy – João Miguel Alves a Brazilian child was

João Miguel Alves a Brazilian child, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at an early age. Despite the success of Mateusz and Karin in raising funds for the treatment of João Miguel, Mateusz left “his” family in May 2019. João Miguel’s parents, Mateus Enrique Alves and Karin Rodriguez, launched a fundraising campaign to pay for their “own” medicines. In the past, children with spinal cord atrophy have not grown up for more than two years. Spinal muscle atrophy affects the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and voluntary muscle movements. Spinal muscle atrophy is a genetic disease. Doctors prescribed Spinaza to João Miguel to prevent the development of “his” disease. The couple saved João Miguel’s money on four separate accounts. Children with this disease lose motor neurons, spinal cord nerve cells. Apart from João Miguel, Karin and Mateus have a 10-year-old son. There are four types of spinal muscle atrophy. Most of the muscle-controlling nerve cells live in the spinal cord. It is estimated that between 6,000 and 10,000 infants with spinal muscle atrophy are born in the world. It was there, after a busy day, that my legs, knees, legs and lower back became so painful that I thought I would lose hope for our next ascent, Rainbow Mountain! That night I took a small bottle of “magnesium oil” that a friend gave me before I left. However, Matthew had access to the passwords for these four accounts and gave them to those for whom “he” was responsible. Karin contacted the police after noting large withdrawals and bank transfers to family accounts.

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