November Winter – Winter has finally arrived and thank God

Winter has finally arrived and thank God it is cold! But with the cold weather, many new gluten-free and milk-free foods seem to be reaching the shelves. 20 NEW gluten-free and milk-free foods to buy in November. The gluten-free pizzas 🍕 and Rösti 🥔 are my ideal combination to be honest. This delicious coconut yogurt is available at Tesco and is a good alternative to soy. I’m not sure they taste like real turkey, but it’s good to have a change from salty tortillas. UPDATE: Since I wrote this article, I have bought it again and now there is a warning label indicating that it may contain gluten, as it is done in a busy kitchen and contains gluten. There are many more gluten-free fish cakes now available from cooperatives. These shrimp, cod, sweet potatoes and sweet peppers make a pleasant change from the usual taste. They are not out of the aisle, so you should check the regular refrigerator section for them. If you go to the supermarket this month, there are twenty grocery stores here that you can buy in your car. Sainsbury’s sells this buttermilk candy with a super festive look. I know it hasn’t been possible for a long time, but I’ve noticed, like many others, that it hasn’t been available at many Morrison’s. I especially like the taste of musky pumpkin. A recent fortuitous discovery has been the appearance of these brown Asda mini bites.

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