Poor Oxalate Metabolism – Swallowing oxalate in some people

Swallowing oxalate in some people who cannot get rid of it can cause serious health problems, including joint pain, vaginal pain, kidney stones, cardiovascular disease and cognitive problems. Oxalates can also form crystals all over the body, such as joints, bones, blood vessels, lungs and even the brain. Oxalates in combination with other minerals and heavy metals in our bodies can cause serious health problems. Plants also contain some compounds that cause health problems, including histamine, salicylate and oxalate. If enough oxalates are combined with, for example, calcium or iron minerals in the kidneys, kidney stones can form. The oxalates we consume can also be absorbed by bifidobacteria, lactobacillus and oxalobacteria-formogens that absorb our digestive tract. Oxalates are formed in plants as a protective mechanism to prevent the consumption of other animals, fungi and insects.

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