Got Married John – John and Phyllis had experienced love in

John and Phyllis Cook, now newlyweds, were over 100 years old when they met and fell in love. Phyllis agreed and told the media, “To be honest, we fell in love. Phyllis is a devoted Christian, and John agreed that marriage was the best way to strengthen “her” relationship. I know you think it’s a little crazy for people our age, but we fell in love. “The couple had a happy year, and their ruthless love went there after a hard day, when my legs, knees, legs, and lower back hurt so much that I thought I would lose hope for our next climb, Mount Rainbow! That night, I took a small bottle of Magnesium Butter that a friend had given me before I left on my trip. It wasn’t a plan, but we came here and they said, “We can get married here. I said: “Well, then let’s do it,” said John Cook to CNN WNWO’s partner. John and Phyllis met at a nursing home in Kingston, Silvania, Ohio. “We were just compatible in many ways, we enjoyed each other’s company,” said John Cook. Two residents of an Ohio nursing home can better see the unpredictability of love. He cooks a lot of time for a few days, eating together, sitting in the sun and sitting on “his” mobile scooter. Crystal graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2013 and a master’s degree in nursing in 2019.

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