Visual Guide – Migraine headaches are mainly diagnosed

Migraine headaches are mainly diagnosed based on symptoms, but your doctor can perform a brain scan to eliminate other causes of headaches, such as brain tumors or brain bleeding. Before starting treatment, your doctor may assess the “burden of headache” – the extent to which migraine affects your life. About 20% of people with migraine have an aura of 20 minutes to an hour before the pain. Tryptanes, the most commonly prescribed migraine medication, are the most effective when taken at the beginning of a crisis. Tiramine can cause narrowing and dilating of blood vessels and cause migraine. It is important that people with migraine have a regular rhythm of eating and sleeping. About 5% of children with headaches suffer from migraine. Learn more about the causes of migraine by keeping a diary of headaches. Although older people still suffer from migraine, the severity and frequency of migraine decreases as they age or disappear completely. Emotional stress is a common cause of migraine. For many women, migraine is associated with the menstrual cycle, which occurs a few days before or during the period of estrogen reduction. People with migraine often report that some foods cause headaches. Others may not be useful or may cause more severe migraine with contraceptive hormones. Good migraine control can help get rid of migraine forever.

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