Energy Healing Blog – In terms of energy the voltage

In terms of energy, the voltage blocking and balance of our energy makes the field less flexible and fluid. Healing with the help of energy can give us an extraordinary gift to see people grow spiritually and penetrate deeper into their higher potential. Just think, your energy field is a cocoon of energy or light that surrounds you, a few centimeters beyond your physical body. One of the fundamental principles of energy healing is that “energy flows where there is attention”. “So when you focus on the negative, you feed it with your energy. Feel or imagine your energy field and fill it with even more light. In my practice of energetic healing it is not uncommon for people to cry. The energy field may seem broken, disharmonious, thorny or static. You should transfer the energy of stress and its physical hormones from the body to the body and back. It cleans the energy field, releases blockages and ensures the circulation of energy. Whether Thursday is ay is a public holiday in your country or not, counting your blessings is a reliable way to increase your energy and your life.

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