Doctor Saves Life – When I saw that the man couldn’t stand

When I saw that the man couldn’t stand the pain, I was thinking about how to get his urine out of his bladder,” Hong said in an interview with the South China Morning Post. But the doctor went beyond his “duty” when he saved a man’s life by sucking his “own” urine. The surgeons were Zhang Hong from Jinan University’s First Affiliate Hospital in Guangzhou and Xiao Zhangxiang from Hainan People’s Hospital in Haikou. Surgeons inserted a needle into a man’s bladder to release urine. I was there after a hard day when my legs, knees, legs, and lower back were so bad that I thought I should lose hope for our next climb, Mount Rainbow! That night, I took a small bottle of Magnesium Butter that a friend gave me before I left. Hong had another idea to remove this man’s urine. For 37 minutes, Hong and his “own” patient, with his “own” mouth, sucked one and a half liters of urine from his “own” patient, about 800 milliliters. Hong and Zhang Xiang created a temporary plastic catheter, a milk straw, an adhesive tape and a syringe from the medical staff of the plane. This has led surgeons to believe that the enlarged prostate causes a delay in urination and that “its” bladder is at risk of disrupting the plan. And then Hong continued to take out urine from his mouth. He and Zhangxiang calculated that he had about a liter, just over four glasses of urine in his bladder. Hong talked to the man’s parents, who were also on the plane. I couldn’t find another way,” Zhang said in an interview with South China Post this morning. Two surgeons responded to the doctor’s request on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, and several doctors are very busy with their profession and ready to apply their knowledge and skills to work for others, even when they are not working.

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