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The chakra stones are healing crystals with a specific vibration and color to achieve healing in the individual chakras. Simply tell your favorite crystal story by clicking here and you’ll be part of the Healing Crystals For You blog. Excellent crystals for protection, spiritual grounding and emotional healing. Use this page to keep up with all the new information about Healing Crystals for you. com. He will keep you informed of the latest articles and ideas on this website. See the crystals that promote healing problems through the electrosmog of the devices you use. Excellent healing crystals that promote personal joy and compassion for yourself. Beryllonite is a very vibrant healing crystal that conveys joy and well-being. This pale green foam is a rare stone that helps heal emotional problems. The crystal images shown on the website pages are just examples of what they may look like. Good healing stone, balances the chakras and helps in weight loss. Wonderful meditation stones that support spiritual growth and promote psychic visions and contact with guides and angels. Discover EMF protective crystals and read how you can reduce EMF. It helps you see Divine Truth and has strong metaphysical healing properties.

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