Control Over – If you’re not sure how to make these

If you’re not sure how to make these changes, you can watch positively-motivated YouTube videos, buy or rent a self-help book, or even talk to a professional about life in the moment and get carried away. We can’t fully control it, but we can take the time to accept the results, knowing that we were involved in the outcome. After a tiring day in which my feet, knees, legs and lower back hurt so much, I told myself I had to give up all hope of our next climb, the Rainbow Mountain! That night I took a small spray of “magnesium oil”, which a friend had given me before I left. Unfortunate accidents, illness and the way people perceive us are things we don’t always have under control. Constantly worrying about things we simply can’t control can’t help us. Even if we don’t have complete control over all of these things, we can certainly have a big impact on the outcome. Is that up to you? No, because what others think of you, you can’t decide for yourself. With years of experience in customer service, working with children at school and as a mother, “your” knowledge is very extensive and leads to an open attitude. I went from the CEO of a non-profit organization that organizes marathons, climbing, canyons and kayaks, to a bedridden person who drives poles in a wall for 15 hours a day. Can you control the weather? Only if you have the superpowers of the weather warriors! You start a new job and an employee doesn’t take you in very well. However, we must make a clear distinction between what we can and cannot control. All because you care about something you don’t have full control over. You cannot recover in your own mind, let alone help others, if you become entangled in things that are time traps. There are many ways to make positive decisions that affect the outcome of our lives.Can Well, to a certain extent.

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