A Balanced Belly – A digestive shake perfect for

A digestive shake, perfect for stimulating digestion and avoiding flatulence. It uses papaya, which is excellent for supporting your digestive enzymes. Canned pumpkin is a very good source of soluble fiber that can really help fight stomach upset and is much easier to digest than most vegetables. I make these 5 smoothies without milk every week and I find it a great way to get a lot of nutrients and help my digestion. It is important that you do your own research, but I have noted under each list if the shake has a low FODMAP value or how it could be adjusted. For me, “good for the gut” means that it is easy to digest, with foods that can help intestinal bacteria, anti-inflammatory ingredients and good fats – I hope you find a lot of inspiration for smoothies in the above! You can also read about the 5 Milk Free Pregnancy Shakes. I love turmeric and I’ll throw anything and everything away! This turmeric protein shake uses avocado and protein powder for extra energy. Just a warning: I’m often asked why I say “tummy friendly” when something is not low in fat. It’s also a good way to include things like nuts and seeds that are probably too hard to digest when eaten whole. If you read regularly here in “A Balanced Tummy”, you know that I like to make juices and smoothies. Shakes are great if you want to include lots of nutrients in your diet. This shake is perfect for the summer months or if you are more concerned about fluid intake. It uses a mix of sweet and salty to help the body replace electrolytes and is really refreshing. NOTE: If you limit the pumpkin to 75g and make sure your banana is not ripe, this shake is LOW-FODMAP.

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