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The British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy was founded in January 1987 to bring together a group of allergy therapists practicing a unique diagnostic and allergy treatment system that has proven to be highly effective over the years. Indian head massage will surely take you out of the hectic rhythm of busy everyday life. Natural facelift massage is a gentle and penetrating approach to making you look younger. Life Alignment is an integrated vibration healing system that facilitates the release of energy and emotional blockages encoded into our cellular memory. We are one of the best known and most respected Eastern medical schools in the UK. We offer Acupuncture, Tui Na, Oriental Medicine, Nutrition and Qi Gong courses, as well as working in a thriving clinic. As we grow, we remain calm and friendly and our students appreciate our practical approach and our interactive and inspiring way of learning. Safe and effective management of various allergies, from cat allergy and food to hay fever We make healthy lifestyle and positive change achievable, accessible and motivating. Travelling is a well known healing and transformation process that allows you to awaken your true potential. It is a passionate and motivating teacher who gladly passes on his extensive knowledge to his students. The school started teaching reflexology, aromatherapy and Indian head massage in January 2005. She received her “own” high professional qualification from Jackie Hamilton School of Therapy in Norwich. Jackie Hamilton is a fully qualified and confident therapist and teacher with years of experience in courses and seminars in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. She was founded as one of the first authentic Ayurvedic clinics in the UK. Ayurveda is not only an ancient Indian science of preventative health and healing, but also a philosophy of life. Ayurveda heals by eliminating the cause of disease. To get to the bottom of the problem, we often look at the thoughts behind the symptoms. Indian head massage has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.

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