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Learn how leading designers and architects build clinics, medical practices, primary care rooms and expectations with new projects, service and patient-centric ambience. Learn how leading construction and engineering companies, including Skanska USA TLC Engineering for Architecture, Turner Construction and Balfour Beatty US, use the latest research and project management techniques to build state-of-the-art medical clinics, primary health care facilities and day care facilities. Trends in medical practice design have evolved to reduce waiting times, promote better communication between doctors and patients and between employees, and create an environment that promotes healing through the richness of natural light, a vision of nature, and the integration of technology. We identify health trends and invite experts to discuss strategies to create the best possible healing environment for patients, families and employees. Healthcare Design also regularly presents new design solutions for medical rooms, including research and waiting rooms, clinical rooms and staff rooms. The provision of outpatient services is becoming increasingly important as healthcare services move from hospital to outpatient care, and more and more hospitals are considering expanding or building their networks and outpatient care facilities. Healthcare Design provides readers with an overview of the latest trends, design and news from the design industry. Stay up to date with our developments that draw attention to a wide range of design issues and new types of facilities opening up in the healthcare sector. We also offer an informative overview of the planning and architectural aspects of design in the healthcare sector. 7-10, 2020 Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee.

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