The use of social media has increased exponentially as

The use of social media has increased exponentially, as people remain inside buildings, resulting in a dramatic increase in traffic for many influential people. With gyms closed, people are flocking to fitness sites like Instagram when celebrities and YouTube to stay in shape during the pandemic. Brands and influencers are working together to raise funds from those affected by the coronavirus pandemic and to honor the doctors working on the front lines. While countries are stopping air travel and companies are reluctant to invest in anything new, business is not thriving for the vloggers and influencers who travel the world for a living. Social media personalities are showing flexibility in the fight against the coronavirus, creating content that still resonates around the world. Governments and private institutions are recruiting influential individuals to promote social distancing and other precautions. However, people are back on their favorite social media sites and show great interest in organic and non-sponsored content. For influencers, the main source of revenue is brand associations and affiliate income generated by tools such as unique digital couponing codes. A similar increase was seen on Instagram when celebrities and influencers held live sessions. Live broadcasts are currently the only source of two-way conversation between influencers and those who enjoy their content. Influencers have always used live streams to interact with their followers in real time and generate community engagement. But because people are not interested in this content right now, influencers are thinking outside the box. Social isolation has made this form of content even more popular as people search for digital connections. Social media personalities are proving flexible enough to create content that still appeals to a quarantined population. Because audiences trust influencers more than faceless brands, they are more effective in promoting philanthropic messages. Because influencers often promote their own programs rather than rely on advertising as a source of revenue, they are surprisingly immune to the negative effects of quarantines.

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