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Our goal is to make holistic health education based on research and science, taught by leading experts, accessible to everyone, everywhere, while providing students with a hands-on learning experience similar to that of a traditional university, and giving them a strong sense of community, academic pride and student loyalty. Before you leave the CDHA, create a regional group at the CDHA Student Center with graduates from your area. Collect contact information for other students and faculty with whom you want to stay in touch. When someone joins the CCHS, it is crucial that they have the tools they need to forge a holistic and sustainable mission, confidently build their communities, and change the face of health care through knowledge. These people have lived through your failures and successes, so use this solidarity and keep in touch! Visit the CHSA Student Center or CHSA’s closed “Coaching for Success” Facebook group to easily connect with the CHSA student body. The mission of the CHSA is to promote competence, professionalism and cooperation in comprehensive health care and to maintain and share knowledge in natural medicine. Congratulations to everyone who graduated this year, whether from CCHS, another university or even a high school! Graduation is no small feat, but it is even more impressive that you graduated in the midst of a global pandemic. Your friends and family have probably heard about your program, but have seen your knowledge in action? Here’s your chance to share your passion! You can organize a distance social activity or even do it online. This commitment to our students and graduates is reflected in the results of our recent survey, which shows that 98% of our students would recommend CCHS to a friend or family member. This includes sharing useful, informative and holistic articles on the CCHS health and wellness blog. For many students, the decision to return to school was an easy one. So it’s a laudable gesture to thank those who have given you time to study on your own or have helped fund your education. Founded in 1978, Colegio Americano is a fully accredited online university that specializes in holistic health. Attend our virtual ceremony on June 19, 2020 at the CDHA. As a mature student returning to school and graduating, there may be many people who have helped you along the way. Your graduation celebration is the perfect time to gather your support team and take a bow for the whole team. This year, most colleges have moved to purely virtual celebrations because of COVID-19, but just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun.

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