SIBO Isn ’ – The diagnosis of SIBO made sense for Kara –

The diagnosis of SIBO Dr. Mark Pimentel, Associate Professor at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and a leading researcher in the diagnosis and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and aDaS, claims that he believes that rifaximine is effective in at least 70% of patients with aDaS. To put this aside, we have to admit that an aDaS is not an infection that we “catch” somewhere in the world, but something that happens because the area of the intestine has changed so much that it has become a place where bacteria can grow. You’d think feeding bacteria to the small intestine would make SIBO worse. In some cases it may be effective, but a more severe SIBO may take 8-12 weeks of continuous antimicrobial treatment to fully heal. I have just received positive results for SIBO and “the numbers are exceptionally high”. I therefore take Xyfaxan and am in the middle of a two week course and nothing has changed except that my stomach has grown. The use of herbal prokinetics or prescription during or after SIBO treatment is standard. Meet Bree Wieselman – she is a good friend and absolute specialist in SIBO and bowel health. For many people with SIBO, a diet with low animal feed can certainly be a useful way to control symptoms.

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