Gut Company Liu – Liu’s team included a nurse and an

Liu’s team included a nurse and an orderly who helped patients like Yolanda implement her new diet, treatment protocol and other changes. Functional medicine gives new hope to patients with chronic diseases and new tools for doctors and other health workers who treat them. In honor of “your” last book published today, Unconventional Medicine: Join the Revolution to reinvent healthcare, reverse chronic disease and create the practice you love, we share Chris’ own special contribution. Yolanda has made an appointment with a health trainer and within a month the nurse will be reviewing the protocol in case Yolanda has any questions or problems. Yes, it was difficult to change the diet at first, but the health trainer gave Yolandaher’ necessary support, including recipes, nutrition plans, snack ideas and advice on buying and eating. Would you like more meaningful information? Make sure you get a copy of Chris Brand New’s book – available today! It’s called unconventional medicine: Join the revolution to reinvent healthcare, reverse chronic diseases and create the practice you love. Liu has asked Yolanda to fill out several forms with detailed questions about her health history, diet, lifestyle, exercise programme, exposure to toxins, relationships, stress levels and even early childhood. Yolanda understood immediately, so she made an appointment with a local doctor specializing in functional medicine, whom we will call Dr. Yolanda. She was so grateful that she trusted her intuition and was looking for another solution to what her doctor had proposed: a lifelong cure that would not only not eliminate the causes of her symptoms, but would cause the same or worse side effects. What if the doctors had the power to treat the disease in the same way as a detective treats a case? After examining different symptoms of a patient, the doctor asks the question: “What could be the cause of these symptoms? We’ll run extensive tests to identify possible causes. In doing so, “they” came across functional medicine, an approach based on controlling the underlying cause of the disease, rather than simply suppressing symptoms. She also asked Yolanda to follow a completely gluten-free diet, poor in certain types of carbohydrates called FODMAPs, which are poorly absorbed by people with SIBO and irritable bowel syndrome. Yolanda could not withstand the paroxetine long enough to see if it helped, as she developed severe anxiety and sleep disturbance during the first week of use. Chronic diseases destroy our quality of life, reduce life expectancy, bankrupt the country and threaten the health of future generations.

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