Rosemary acid monotherapy is better than a combination of

Rosemary acid monotherapy is better than a combination of rosemary acid and telmisartan, as it prevents podocyte peeling and inhibits the progression of diabetic nephropathy in rats. Results: In the diabetic groups treated, we found that subocin and nephrine levels in the urine, urinary albumin secretion and serum cystatin C levels were significantly lower than in the positive control group. Compared with negative controls, the group of rats treated for diabetes mellitus did not differ significantly in high urinary nephrine and subocin levels. Rosemary acid monotherapy was better than a combination of rosemary acid and telmisartan to prevent subocyte detachment. However, the combination of both had no synergistic effect and even had a higher urinary albumin secretion and worse renal function than RA monotherapy However, the treatment of RA as monotherapy was significantly better than FDA or combination of RA and FDA in reducing albumin excretion and preventing reduction of renal function. CONCLUSION: In rats with STZ-induced diabetes mellitus, RA can prevent subocyte peeling. After 8 weeks of ELISA treatment, concentrations of subocyte, nephrine and albumin in the urine and serum concentrations of cystatin C were studied. The information contained in this document does not constitute a diagnosis, treatment, relief or prevention of any disease or medical condition. AR and TMS treatment, alone or in combination, may inhibit the development and progression of neurological diseases. Nuclear factor p65-kB expression was studied by immunohistochemistry, while subocin and glomeric nephrine expression was studied by immunofluorescence. It is recommended to seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before conducting natural, integrative or routine treatment.

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