Myths Linger – About nine out of ten Americans said they

About nine out of ten Americans said they are used to wearing masks and that they wear them sometimes, often or always when they are far away and cannot maintain social distance, as the online survey shows. But the fact that a strong minority of Americans still do not understand these basic concepts is of concern to Katie Steinberg, vice president of public service broadcasting research for the Harris surveysurvey. The survey showed that there is a political disagreement over the use of masks to combat VIDOC-19. “Most Americans say they feel informed about using masks to prevent the spread of VIDOC-19. “It’s encouraging to see that the vast majority of Americans say they wear a mask or face shield when they travel abroad,” they said. He said: “During the VIDOC pandemic, many Americans wore masks as recommended by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Teresa Murray Amato, head of emergency medicine at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills, New York, reviewed the findings. At the same time, three out of ten people said the masks did little to prevent the spread of VIDOC-19. The Republicans previously believed in the myth of CO2 – about 40 percent against 20 percent for Democrats and 25 percent for the Independents. About 28 percent of respondents believe the CO2 myth is true, while 26 percent are unsure, according to the study. The percentage of Republicans who share this opinion is 38 percent, compared to 19 percent for Democrats and 27 percent for dependents. The survey was conducted in August by Harris Poll.

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