Sjögren ’ – This study shows that low levels of the

This study shows that low levels of the anti-inflammatory sex hormone DHEA treatmentare associated with symptoms of the primary Ciegren’s syndrome and that dry mouth symptoms are reduced during DHEA treatment. Up to 4 million people live with Sögren’s syndrome, a disease named after Swedish ophthalmologist Henrik Sögren, who described the symptoms in 1933. Besides the fact that Sögren’s syndrome is difficult to express, it is an autoimmune disease, whose unpredictability makes diagnosis and treatment difficult. Primary Sjögren’s syndrome tends to be more aggressive and occurs in people who do not have other autoimmune diseases. Secondary Schegren’s syndrome occurs in people who already have other autoimmune diseases, the most common of which are scleroderma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Hormones – since Shegren’s syndrome is predominantly female, its genetic structure is an area that should be studied intuitively. It was shown that 39-65% of patients with Shegren’s syndrome were affected by SBS, compared with 9-15% of healthy patients. As you can see in our series of articles on autoimmune diseases, almost all diseases have a genetic component, and Schegren’s syndrome is no different.

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