Fierce Compassion Takes – I am trying to teach my daughter

I am trying to teach my daughter compassion that is brave enough to risk upsetting people or losing Facebook fans, because there is injustice in the world, and those of us who have power and privileges should use them to fight the many global crises that affect those who do not have power and privileges equally. I don’t want to teach my daughter what Robert August Masters author of Spiritual Bypass, calls a “blind compass,” what my mother taught me and what made me very vulnerable to a life where “she” tolerated offensive people, narcissists and sociopaths in the name of compassion. My compassion for someone in my childhood, the need to believe in illusion helps me to stay in my heart, but then I can take a stand with others who influence my well-being against the destructive beliefs of Q, which lead to the denial of VIDOC, climate denial, systemic racism and other ultra-right delusions. “Compassion is love in action” – yes! The part of “action” that takes a position and raises your voice is crucial. My compassion for women whose rights to their bodies are threatened by the loss of justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, leads me to say that I am asking everyone to vote with YOUR PATIN in the upcoming elections. My compassion for those who are losing their homes, their lives and their ability to breathe as a result of fires and storms exacerbated by the climate crisis compels me to speak out in support of the real climate crisis and change our behavior. My sympathy for those who treat our President with cold and despicable cruelty – immigrant soldiers, women, children, all those who oppose “him” – makes me say, let’s show our sympathy in the White House once again. I pray that those of you who have been provoked by My fierce compassion will heal those who fear conflict and find your own position with fierce love. My sympathy for those of you who are colored and victims of unequal treatment by the police and unfair imprisonment makes me defend Black Lives Matters. If your religion, your parents, your teachers or someone who wants to abuse and control have taught you blind compassion that is more “spiritual” than your healthy anger leading you to peaceful and outright activism, then I regret it. My compassion for people who get sick and die because of VIDOC makes me confront Anonymous and those who deny VIDOC. My compassion for the children of immigrants who are on lonely borders without parents forces me to call for a reform of immigration policy. My compassion for those who have suffered from violent unrest forces me to take a stand against unrest and violence. After reading all your comments during the week, I feel that in an effort to understand what is happening here in this community, I must make some differences in my understanding of some fundamental spiritual doctrines about compassion. Is it more spiritual to support oppression, violence, racism, sexism, disability, age discrimination and ecocide through our silence? If you believe in it, why do you believe in it? I believe that those who do not have a clear position on the oppressor.

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