Best Pregnancy Diet – What diet should a pregnant and

What diet should a pregnant and lactating woman follow in order to maximize “her” chances of having a strong and healthy child? Although the dogma of modern nutrition today disappoints parents and babies with more and more problems that were unknown just a few generations ago, it seems wise to look back in history to find the best and most objective answers. This well-documented evidence comes from the book Nutrition and Physical Degradation which describes the eating habits of 14 healthy and chronically painless societies around the world before their industrialization and the introduction of modern nutrition. Since 2002, Sarah has been engaged in health and nutrition education to help families effectively integrate traditional eating principles into the modern home. The best maternal diet for mothers, based on solid anthropological data from 14 healthy ancestral societies before their industrialization. The following dietary recommendations for pregnant and lactating women provide the best opportunities for a healthy and healthy child, created by traditional societies from generation to generation, according to the ancestral diet. It should be noted that the following diets for pregnant women are based on the eating habits of traditional healthy societies. It reflects the principles of nutrition of healthy ancestors. Its mission is to help families effectively integrate the principles of ancestral nutrition into the modern home. It is important to observe the above mentioned pregnancy and lactation diet in full, not only in parts. However, this is my first pregnancy that I traditionally ate. She is the author of three books: “Get your fats straight”, “Traditional solutions for modern families” and “Live green in the artificial world. My last child was seven years ago and I was on a diet because of ADH, obesity and lack of energy. Do not add cod liver oil to this important pet food. Sarah was named “Activist of the Year” at the International Conference on Old Traditions 2010, and since then “she” has been a board member of Weston A., a non-profit nutrition organization. It is important to note that “her” father also maintained a diet prior to conception, as Weston A. pointed out.

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