Marta Ended Years – Then I started with SCD diets first

Then I started with SCD diets, first with chicken broth and grape bunches, then with eating organic foods using the “list”. I immediately stopped taking medicines, bought a good pin, started taking over-the-counter probiotics, ate organic food, and drank a liter of clean water every day. I started seasoning my food with real salt, garlic, organic turmeric, coriander, and black pepper, and used organic coconut oil and organic herbal oil for cold-pressed food. I was still overweight at the time, but I started eating much more raw vegetables and nuts, hoping to lose a few pounds. Whether you are struggling with various health problems or just want to feel good, our e-book will tell you how to succeed in eating from BMD and regain control over your life. Six months later my life made me go back to work, and the next year I became an office worker and spent most of my time at the computer. After the first two months, I felt that my whole process of thinking about food and the meaning of food for my body has changed dramatically. Then I discovered the CDS diet and learned more about the effects of grains and other combustible products on my intestines. Since then, he has changed his health and created the website to help others heal stomach problems naturally. Neither HealthyGut nor the publisher of this content accepts responsibility for possible health consequences if one or more people read or follow the information contained in this educational content. The bells rang while I did more research and found more information about my disease and its treatment without medication. It is interesting to note that he never spent a single minute of his time to tell me exactly what Crohn’s disease is and what my long-term prognosis is. After the first year, I felt that my diet had become my lifestyle.

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