New Age Beliefs – By shrouding these beliefs we can be

By shrouding these beliefs, we can be good to ourselves, appreciate how this teaching has helped us, explore how these beliefs can harm others, and become more compassionate and empathetic beings at a time when we really need to be able to embody and practice our spiritual values through our sacred activity and respect for social justice. Teachings such as “Work” are hostile to anger, avoid spirituality, the boundaries of sin, and abuse the traumatized and suffering people who really need real healing from their trauma. While it is true that we participate with our thoughts, beliefs and feelings in creating our reality together, and while it is true that we can participate in a magical and synchronized way in the flow of life, it is absolutely not true that we create good things with our positive thoughts and bad things with our negative thoughts. Not only is this clearly untrue, it is also a cruel and distorted way of putting the blame on the victim instead of strongly advocating for restorative justice, an end to police violence and illegal detention of BIPOC have heard, confirmed, seen, and healed your victim’s story to turn it into a story that empowers, reinforces, and strengthens your soul. In our philanthropic work, we will not tell you to leave the story of your sacrifice; we will allow you to feel safe enough in the community to give meaning to your pain, healing, growth, and true awakened spiritual alchemy. Economically disadvantaged people living in food deserts do not have this privilege. Thus, it is culturally insensitive and unsympathetic to assume that all health problems can be solved through purification, a vegan diet of raw foods or other expensive food or supplemental medicines. So what now? Do I have to ignore the limits of what another person has done to hurt you? What a practical, racist way to say that people at BIPOC have no right to be angry with white racists. If you ever find yourself in a “victim’s story” in a “Game” that pisses you off with someone who hurt you, you must question your thinking and fill out a “Destiny of your neighbor” sheet. People cannot leave their victim’s story until they receive proper treatment, and this treatment is often expensive, painful, slow and inaccessible to many financially disadvantaged or marginalized communities. While some aspects of these New Age beliefs can be really helpful, they can also be harmful. We must therefore apply them with sensitivity, empathy and awareness of the needs of marginalized groups.

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