COVID Record – The number of cases is increasing in almost

The number of cases is increasing in almost every region of the country, with Missouri, Alaska, Ohio Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and New Mexico setting records for average seven-day hospital stays under the OVIDC screening project. On Thursday, the country registered 121,888 new OVID cases, a one-day report, and on the second consecutive day of the OVID Monitoring Project, more than 100,000 cases were counted. 6, 2020 г. — The governors are tightening requirements for face masks and other restrictions as the current coronavirus pandemic continues to reduce cases across the country. Day two with more than 100,000 new cases and more hospitalizations! Within 3 weeks, a record number of deaths will be recorded. Coronavirus remains a serious problem on university campuses, and many health experts say the increase in cases across the country is due in part to students returning to campus. According to Johns Hopkins University, the United States is approaching 10 million DM, accounting for nearly 235,000 coronavirus deaths. Janet Mills has issued an executive order requiring people to wear masks in public places under almost any circumstances. Maine set a record on Thursday with 183 new cases in 24 hours. The A Times survey showed that most cases – more than 20,000 in 83 Texas schools – went to universities. In Rhode Island, new rules coming into effect on Sunday require bars and restaurants to close between 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday. Florida ranks second with over 13,000 cases in 87 schools and Ohio ranks third with about 12,000 cases in 59 schools. Ned Lamont said Thursday the number of private closed and open public meetings is limited to 10 people. “Everybody wears a mask when they leave home and a mask inside when someone from outside comes to visit,” the state news report said. “Masks are mandatory if they are near people who don’t live with you, even in the gym,” the state website said. On average, almost 50,000 people with VIDOC-19 were hospitalized last week, and on Thursday that number was just over 53,000. The indoor areas, such as cinemas and places of worship, have a limited capacity of up to 50 percent, while the outdoor areas have a capacity of 66 percent.

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