GreenPan Nonstick Cookware – Check the GreenPan brand of

Check the GreenPan manufactures various types of nonstick cookware using the patented Thermolon™ nonstick ceramic coating. Because Teflon is clearly a product that cannot be used, and stainless steel and cast iron have their own problems in certain circumstances, GreenPan has become a brand of nonstick pans considered by many as an alternative. Since 2002, Sarah has been a health and nutrition consultant, helping families integrate primary nutrition principles into the modern home. The Thermolone coating is made by the sol-gel method, which forms a coating on the surface of the pan. As a result, the Thermolon nonstick coating can contain heavy metals or toxic residues that can get into food if cracked or scratched. GreenPan product packaging states that the patented nonstick coating is completely toxin-free. Therefore, it appears that the GreenPan Thermolon non-stick coating is not devoid of toxic substances as advertised. When I tried to find the materials that the Thermolon nonstick coating is made of, I found this information a bit elusive. GreenPan cookware is widely available and sold both online and in stores such as Target, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond and others. Alumina has been classified by the New Jersey Department of Health as a risk level 2 out of 4, and the HazMat fact sheet indicates that repeated exposure can cause lung damage. Methyltrimethoxysilane can cause specific target organ toxicity as well as severe irritation to the eyes, respiratory tract and skin. The company calls Thermolon a “safe nonstick ceramic coating” that does not contain “PFOA, PFAS, lead or cadmium.” All Thermolon materials are 100% safe for use in food contact coatings. The sol-gel process is a wet chemical method, also known as chemical precipitation from solution, and involves several steps in the following chronological order: hydrolysis and polycondensation, gelation, aging, drying, sealing and crystallization.

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