Mercury Retrograde Crystal – To help you survive Mercury

To help you survive Mercury retrograde, this crystal candle contains the energy you need to keep your feet on the ground, go with the flow and respond to technological challenges. This crystal candle for Mercury retrograde also contains shungite to help you deal with unexpected technological challenges that may arise during this crazy 3 week adventure. Frankincense candle essential oils remove negative energy and improve your mood, and the crystals handle the potential energy changes needed to cope with this stormy weather. Light this candle to bring earth energy into your space and mind during Mercury’s descent. The hematite crystal in this candle brings balance and stability to your mind to help you feel grounded and supported. The dark crystals in this candle – sanguite, labradorite and hematite – help you keep both feet on the ground, go with the flow and stay calm despite the technical malfunctions of these chaotic times. Gain a deep understanding of crystals, their healing properties, meaning and practice to achieve a specific intention. During the 3-week period when mercury is retrograde, place a hematite stone in your left pocket and a labradorite stone in your right pocket. Our books are full of meanings, intentions and practices with crystals and will faithfully accompany you on your crystal journey. The coconut tree is known as the “tree of three generations” because the tree lives and bears fruit for 60 years, which means it can feed a farmer, “his” children and grandchildren for three generations. Crystal labradorite has a cleansing effect that helps keep you calm and balanced and embrace an entrepreneurial mentality. If you see your crystals burning near the wick or affecting the behavior of the candle, remove them.

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