Health Checklist – So whether you’re buying a home that’s

So whether you’re buying a home that’s less than five years old or building a new one, install a HEPA filter in every bedroom and living room to keep these toxins from affecting your health. Sarah has been a health and nutrition consultant since 2002, helping families effectively incorporate primary nutrition principles into the modern home. Ideally, the sleeping area should be on the opposite side of the house from adjacent smart counters. These are often overlooked considerations that homebuyers should add to their checklist to make sure a newly built or existing home is healthy to live in. If you’re buying a home with a municipal water supply, it makes sense to invest in a whole-house water system that can completely clean the water. According to CBS News, the hacker tried to change the amount of sodium hydroxide [pipe cleaning fluid] in the water supply from about 100 parts per million to over 11,100 parts per million. Before you buy an existing home or build a new one, find out if there are any smart meters nearby. The lesson here is that there are many dangerous chemicals in the city’s treated water, even if they haven’t been broken into. She is the author of three books: the bestselling “Get the Fat Straight,” “Traditional Ways to Solve Modern Family Problems,” and “Living Green in an Artificial World.” Over the years, I’ve met at least a dozen people whose health deteriorated after moving to a new home. Sarah was named “Activist of the Year” at the International Conference on Ancient Traditions in 2010, and later served on the board of directors of the nonprofit food organization Weston A. The crack in the municipal water system in Oldsmar, Florida, in February 2021 was known around the world. You don’t want a government agency forcing you to regularly spray pesticides and herbicides in your yard. It’s not enough to make sure the drywall isn’t from China, the floors are made of non-toxic materials, and the furniture isn’t made of particle board. The trend toward foreclosure in the past year has prompted many people to move to other parts of the country on an unprecedented scale.

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