Autoimmune Diseases Into – I didn’t want to take medication

I didn’t want to take medication all my life: I wanted to find the cause of my autoimmune diseases. I started an elimination diet and discovered some of my triggers: gluten, dairy, sugar and legumes. I followed Survive to Thrive eBook and learned how to heal from within by eliminating triggers, adding supplements and eliminating stress. The more I read and reflected on my life, the more I realized that I had suffered for many years, since I was a child. Simplify your journey with our e-book, Surviving Blooming a step-by-step guide to healing your gut and restoring your health. Mara shows us everything she needs to get back on track, from diet and lifestyle changes to what made all the difference. I received an invitation from Jordan and Steve to participate in a webinar about “leaky gut” that changed my life. I discovered that there was a prevalence of pernicious anemia in my family, an autoimmune disease that affects the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12. I began to have energy again, but I still couldn’t gain weight, and my joint and abdominal pain continued. I had my markers checked once a year for autoimmune disease – so far so good. I started losing weight and had problems with normal everyday things, like walking up and down stairs in my apartment. And for that, we have to be equipped with the right tools to heal like Mara. I started practicing yoga and vowed to stay on track for the next three years to heal my stomach. Learn how Mara overcame autoimmune disease, joint pain, GERD and depression by healing her gut through the SCD diet. Accepting our symptoms as a normal part of life can be a resolution to stop fighting.

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