Energy Healing – I’ve been too busy to think about this

I’ve been too busy to think about this, but I wondered if you, dear readers, could make suggestions for movies, literature, visual art, architecture, theater, music, dance or other forms of art that you think support certain chakras or other aspects of the human energy system. Are there works of art that have special energetic benefits? I recently watched one of my favorite movies, the British film Enchanted April, and thought it was the perfect movie to support the second chakra. Art as a tool for energy healing I believe art has powerful energetic properties that heal us and call us to higher vibrations. Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for better health and happiness. It got me thinking about how certain works of art affect certain aspects of our energetic anatomy. Moving from art as a healing energy to an energy self-care page. While no two people react the same way to the same work of art, there are works of art that seem to have an almost universal aesthetic and energetic appeal, such as the Taj Mahal and the great cathedrals of Europe, which were created specifically to evoke feelings of excitement and wonder. A place of energetic healing is a unique and free resource. Art, I believe, works on the principle of formation to bring our energy closer to this ideal. Interacting with art is a wonderful way to take care of our own energy. Generally speaking, people are called to certain kinds of art, just as they are called to certain forms of healing. I encourage you to pay attention to the art that feeds your energy. You may respond to realism in painting or literature, and I respond to impressionism in fine art and magical realism in literature.

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