Sourdough Pasta | – Since then I sometimes make my own

Since then, I sometimes make my own noodles using the recipe for Russian dumpling noodles based on flour, eggs, and fresh liquid whey. Six varieties of real sourdough noodles, made in minutes on the stovetop and made with whole grains for maximum nutrition and flavor. Since 2002, Sarah has worked as a health and nutrition consultant, helping families incorporate traditional food principles into the modern home. When I started researching traditional diets in 2002, I realized how unhealthy it was to eat pasta, and even whole grain pasta. However, when organic flour is fermented into pasta, the fiber becomes more digestible and is optimally used as a prebiotic to feed beneficial gut bacteria. First the vast majority of so-called sprouted pasta I’ve seen on the market contains at least some unfermented flour in the ingredients, or worse, inedible vital wheat gluten. Unbleached organic wheat flour, organic semolina, organic starter culture, and water. However, there are good brands of sprouted whole wheat pasta on the market. The texture of the dough also indicates that it was formed from traditional bronze, not Teflon. An 8-ounce bag costs $4.99, not much more than the organic brands, which lack the nutritional value and digestibility of pasta. Their mission is to help families effectively incorporate ancient food principles into the modern home. I recommend trying this 4 ingredient Alfredo sauce or this 10-minute marinara sauce if you’ve never made your own pasta sauce. Of course, this amount of fiber wouldn’t be great if pasta was a regular store brand. Sarah was named activist of the year at the 2010 Wise Traditions International Conference and serves on the board of directors of the nonprofit Weston A nutrition organization. Sarah Pope has been a health and nutrition educator since 2002. She is the author of three books: the best-selling book Get the Fat Straight, Traditional Ways of Solving Modern Family Problems, and Living Green in an Artificial World.

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