Setting SMART goals is an

Setting SMART goals is an art. We start with a vision or idea and gradually refine it, making it more concrete and measurable so that it becomes a goal we can achieve. This SMART Goal Setting and Action Planning Guide offers tips on setting goals for you and your business. Starting with an overview of the SMART acronym and a handy SMART chart, this guide covers all the elements of SMART goal setting. Be prepared to adjust your goal as it is clarified and better understood. SMART goal setting is a process and an art. Making the goal practical also encourages you to set ACTIVE goals rather than passive ones. Similarly, an action plan for a goal will make a big difference in terms of effort, decisions, and help needed if the deadline is set for a month rather than a year. If the goal isn’t working, change it. The best goals meet the needs. If you cannot demonstrate that you have achieved the goal, then it is not measurable, i.e., it is not a SMART goal. To be SMART, a goal must be achievable and verifiable. For example, a goal or action with an end date of March 31 is likely to have a higher priority than a goal with an end date of September 30. Therefore, this goal is achievable. In addition, two follow-up actions could be to include these opportunities and benefits on the “Why train with me?” page on my website.

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