In other words: when the root chakra is weakened or

In other words: when the root chakra is weakened or blocked, the body relies on the energy reserve of the third eye chakra to complete the menstrual process. In order for this process of creation and then expulsion to be effective, a large amount of energy must be absorbed and then solidified in the pelvis and lower spine, the three chakras of the lower body. Sometimes we have to control the mind to release the energy, sometimes we heal the energy and the body heals, or we heal the body and in the process release wisdom that helps heal the mind or the soul. Other times we cannot control our state of consciousness and yet we are not in pain. Thus, the body and nervous system tell us what is wrong and we need to pay more attention to it. In addition, Myss writes that fallopian tube problems and infertility are related to a woman’s inner state because the flow of eggs can be blocked because a woman’s inner state does not feel nourished or mature enough to be fertile. I have found that shame, fear, anxiety and regret are most deeply connected to the uterus, but the liver also closes off the solar plexus, so PMS activates the dynamic when we need to release and heal. Menstruation is the process by which a woman releases blood and other substances from the endometrium at intervals of about one lunar month, from puberty to menopause, except during pregnancy. I have found that before menstruation I am more aware of my problems and try to solve them, get upset and burst into tears, and on the first day of the menstrual cycle I calm down again. If the third eye chakra is also tense and has insufficient energy, women cannot have effective menstruation, which leads to amenorrhea. A few days before my period starts, I plan something fun to pamper my body and soul, supportive activities and self-care that will help me enjoy my period more.

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