Thea is currently registered nationally and internationally

Thea is currently registered nationally and internationally with the South African Reiki Masters Association and the Association of Reiki Healers respectively, two professional associations of the local and global Reiki community working to promote the expanded practice and healing benefits of Reiki around the world, whose basic philosophy is that together we can accomplish much more. Crystals are easy to integrate into Reiki treatments and effectively combine the energetic benefits of both therapies to enhance the healing process and achieve concrete results. The use of crystals increases the energy directed by Reiki to where the specific frequency of healing energy provided by specific crystals is most needed. is a certified and experienced Reiki Master, nationally and internationally trained in holistic energy, qualified in Usui Reiki, Reijukido, Karuna┬« Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Gendai Reiki. There are many ways to integrate the power of crystals into Reiki to support the healing process. Incorporating crystals into Reiki healing can be a very intuitive process, or it can be done in a more structured way through a practice such as Reiki Crystal, or both. In addition to “her” great passion, Reiki, Thea is also a shaman, healer and spiritual teacher and offers readings for spiritual guidance. Combined Reiki crystal healing is widely used and documented. The contents of Reiki Rays are intended to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Watch for my next article in which I will discuss Reiki in combination with color therapy. Her journey of self-discovery, growth and healing began in 2005 when “she” was personally in need of healing and looking for something more than conventional medicine and therapy could provide. The most important thing is to have pure intentions, be guided by spirit, do it from a space of unconditional love and trust your intuition.

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